Sunday, October 21, 2012

Loon Country Quilt Show, Grand Rapids, MN

This weekend, Mom and I drove up north to visit my cousin Holly and to see the Loon Country Quilt Show at Itasca Community College in Grand Rapids, MN. I think that this might be the first quilt show I've been to since I moved to Minnesota.

Here are some of my favorites from the show.

Below - Blocks in a Block is a simple pattern that creates a striking, graphic quilt.

Below - Wizard of Oz uses the printed panels of scenes from the movie in a creative layout, with the scenes in order from the movie with quotations quilted in between on the yellow brick road.

Below - Burst of Light uses a pattern (Blooming 9 patch) that has been done many times, but I thought that the colors and fabrics in this one were particulary lovely, especially the glow from the center radiating to the corners.

Below - a simple pattern that creates an illusion of circles. I would like to use this block pattern in a quilt soon - maybe in greens and blues.

Below - I'm not fond of the colors in this one, but I liked the lines of diagonal squares separating the star blocks and the use of the log cabins to form the border.

Below - this one reminded me of a Pepper Cory quilt, with Drunkard's Path pieces and big-stitch sashiko.

Below - this bear quilt is from a commercial pattern but I've always liked the effect of the bear looking at you.

Below - the photo does not do this quilt justice.  Beautifully pieced in teals and peach, plus an interesting border. I voted for this one for best bed quilt. :)

Below - I liked the sashiko turtle hand-quilted in the center of this wall quilt.

Below - I like the colors in this wall quilt and the use of circles, plus exquisite quilting.

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  1. You went all the way to MN to go to Grand Rapids? lol Fun quilts. With cooler weather all around, I'm starting to get the quilting bug again!