Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn in Minnesota

I've been here seven months - can you believe it?  I've lived here through spring and summer, and now fall has arrived.  Here's the view out of my kitchen windows.

I have a gorgeous red maple in the backyard and a beautiful view of it from my kitchen.

Above is the view through the window over my kitchen sink. The suncatchers are from Tish (the heron), Ellen (the woodpecker), and Debra (the penguin). And in the photo below,  the penguin cookie jar was given to me long ago by Cindy, and it now holds the dog treats. I'm so happy to see these reminders of my friends every morning in my new home.

Above is a photo of my kitchen now that I've finally found a place for everything (and I now know where everything is in my kitchen - a miracle). The kitchen has been repainted Autumn White (a pale peach) but unfortunately this photo doesn't really show the true color. And check out my snazzy new lunch bag on the counter.

I wish that I could say that the rest of my house is finally "in order" but I've got a long, long way to go. Baby steps, baby steps. :)


  1. We are experiencing an equally lovely Fall here --- and it has come on fast! Makes me wonder if snow is very far behind. Thanks for sharing on the blog --- for those of us who don't do facebook.

  2. I'm sitting in Santa Fe with Kitchen Envy. The kitchen in the house I rented in September is far better than that in the little adobe casita, but ... yours looks like a kitchen any cook would love.

    I love all the great view and your deck, too.

    I'm racing to get a few projects finished at my house before I begin a new job. The studio will probably be the last to be completely unpacked ... but it's so great to have all my fabrics and other stuff for creating under one roof again (even if some of it still is in boxes ;-)