Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Minnesota garden

Here are some photos of some of the gardens around my new house.

 I think that Tish said that the bushy plant above is a type of geranium.

 Hostas and coral bells in a shade garden growing under my deck.

 Another view of the hostas by my patio.

 Coral bells and hostas lining the fence line.  There is a fern garden at the far end under the shade of a beautiful maple tree.

 The front garden - hostas and what looks like lilies - not in bloom yet.

Another view of the hostas and lilies in my front garden.

A couple photos of the weigela bush by my garage.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Settling in - May 2012

Bit by bit I'm becoming a Minnesotan.  The moment of realization came when I got my Minnesota drivers license in the mail. Guess it's official now!

My house is slowly taking shape - much more slowly than I had hoped, as many of my books, office files, and sundries are still in boxes and, regrettably, unfindable. [I am especially looking forward to the day when I find my favorite salt-and-pepper shaker set from Ellen so that my guests don't have to use the giant Morton salt box at the dining room table.] Some happy news, though, is that my quilt studio is starting to look like a reality - thanks mainly to Tish building my bookcases and helping me to make the design wall and unpack fabric. Just a few more boxes to go and I'll actually be able to begin sewing again. :)

In April and May, my garden and trees bloomed, and I'm discovering that I have a lovely yard and landscaping.  I have hostas growing along the back and side of my yard (see photo above for a view of a few hostas along the back), and I also have a lovely hosta garden under my deck.  In the front I have more hostas and what I think will be lilies, as well as this weigala bush (see below).

I've had many overnight guests already - Holly, Tish, Kate - and next month Scott, Karen, Jane, and Joel.  When Tish was here the last time, we had perfect weather and were able to walk around Lake Harriet and go to Minnehaha to see the falls.

I've also had the chance to enjoy food and culture in the Twin Cities - saw the opera Madame Butterfly at the Ordway, got to hear Wally Shawn and author Arthur Phillips speak at the Hennepin County Library Pen Pals series, two plays at the Bloomington Civic Theatre ("39 Steps" and "My Fair Lady"), and of course, Catherine's play "Nottingham" and her choir concert - both at Olson Middle School.

So - slowly but surely, I'm settling in.  With any luck, I'll have all of my boxes unpacked (or hidden under the stairs) before the end of my first year.