Monday, November 19, 2012

Quilts on the walls

In early November, the painters finished painting my walls.  I spent this past weekend putting quilts and pictures on the walls - finally!  Here are some photos of my newly decorated home.

The following three are my bedroom and bathroom - painted a light blue (no more dark brown walls!). The Hmong quilt in the bathroom was pieced and hand-quilted by my sister Debbie.

The following two are my study. This room is still not put together as I'm waiting to get Dad's rolltop desk from Debbie someday.

The following are of the guestroom (unfortunately, still brown) and the hallway.  Notice the beautiful "going away" quilt on the guestroom bed!  The red-sashed quilt in the hallway is my Happy Quilt made from blocks that quilter friends made for me depicting "things that make me happy."  It is a cheerful quilt.

The following are of the dining room and view from the living room. The two quilts in the dining room both won ribbons at the Sauder quilt show.

And the kitchen.  I still haven't decided what I want to do furniture-wise in the seating area.  No rush.